Sunday, November 2, 2014

Who am I ?

Who am I ? : I am my friends . I am few books that I have read , I am a lot of strong movies that I have watched. I am my choice. I am my hometown . I am a field in my village.
I am good music what makes your skin chill ,I am jazz. I am nature after rain in summer. I am cherry blossom in spring. I am my memory from childhood. I am a bird , I am a fish , I am a horse. I am strong , I am afraid .
I am morning in the summer , like that early morning when I created my blog. I am the sunset of summer. I am writer who writes his own story. I am a movie maker in my head. I am a person who knows what he wants, but doesn't know who he will be. I am free and I am ceptive.
I am more like my father then my mother. I am black and I am white, but I am more like night than day. I am deffenitely spring and what I hate most in me is that I am late autumn.
I am my dreams, I am my finished goals.
I am water and sometimes I am fire.
I am my fears. I am an ilusion but I am real.
I am high heels, but I am barefoot.
I am strong perfume and a deep V-neek of skinny black suit. 
I am red lipstick and wet hair. 
I am a dancer who never danced. I am alone in room full of people. 
I am my grandfather.
I am pickles, I am parsley. I am red hot chili peppers.
I am moldavian carpet.
I am cat , but I like dogs more.
I am jealous. I am NOT she.
I am my cigarettes.
I am Halloween mask.
I am my blog . I am a gun . I am peace war , but still war. 
I am an wish to bear tattoo on my skin.
I am eccentric . I have an universe inside me. 
I care what people think about me .
I am the moon and I am a shooting star .

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

9½ Weeks - Anja Rubik for Vogue Germany

 Vogue Germany 
August 2014
Model : Anja Rubik
Photographer : Camilla Akrans
Stylist : Nicola Knels
Make up : Violette
Hair : Franco Gobbi

Friday, July 4, 2014

A Stranger in this land

Desert Flower 

"If you can survive in the desert, you survive anywhere. I know more than anyone about life in desert. You can tell by looking at the dirt how long ago it rained , how hard it rained, how much water came by. You can by looking at plant , a tree , an animal's look. I read the desert like I read my hand"
Waris Dirie

After several years I decided to watch this movie again. At that time a friend told me about this movie and recommended it . Such kind of movies inspires me. The fim is based on real events : Life of Waris Dirie. Waris is a model , an author , actress and social activist. She was born in Somalia , Africa. After an unhappy aranged marriage to a much older man , she fild. And after some unfortunate  experiences she manage to London . Where she was a complete stranger . She was working at McDonald's when she met Terence Donovan . That was the moment  when her life took a better way. There were many bad experiences that lead to success and what and who she is now.

I think her name wasn't chosen by accident beacause Waris means Desert Flower in English . A name can tell much about the person who possessees it. "Waris" like a "Desert Flower" is a survivor. She went through many sufferings in her life , but she never broke down . She faced with courage all the challenges.
The film changed my view on life and my values.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

All Tomorrow's Parties

Vogue UK
May 2014
Photographer : Craig McDean
Model : Freja Beha Erichsen
Stylist : Kate Moss

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I Danced All Night

March Issue 2014
Photographer : Andreas Ohlund and  Maria Therese
Model : Noot Seer
Styled by Emelie Johansson

Friday, March 7, 2014

Though Love

W Magazine
March 2014
Photographer : Alasdair McLellan
Models : Andreea Diaconu and Sam Rollinson 
Make-up Mark Carrasquillo 
Hair stylist - Tina Outen 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Perfect Ten

W Magazine 
March 2014
Photographer : Mario Sorrenti
Models : Karlie Kloss , Adriana Lima , Jourdan Dunn , Alessandra Ambrosio , Isabeli Fontana , Doutzen Kroes , Candice Swanpoel , Rosie Huntington Whiteley , Lais Ribeiro , Edita Vilkeviciute

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

La vie en rose

 Harper's Bazaar 
February 2014
Model : Drake Burnette
Photorapher :  Nathaniel Goldberg
Stylist : Clare Richardson
Hair by David Von Cannon
Make-up by Hannah Murray


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